Small Homebrew

Tasting: Irish Porter


Irish Porter  3.7% ABV

I brewed the Irish Porter a few months ago and wanted to have it on tap for St Paddy’s and it was a hit at our little gathering.  I’ve been loving this beer ever since it was tapped.

The Tasting

Smells: Coffe, chocolate with a little bit of roast.

Looks:  Black as night but with a nice Ruby Hue when held up to the light

Taste: Maltiness with a little bit of roast and a nice chocolate finish.  

Overall: Loving this beer and may make it my go to for a dark ale on tap in the future.  Very sessionable, not super heavy and really balanced.  Nice one to have on tap right now as spring is hitting.  I think I’m going to be leaning towards making some more balanced historic ales in this range in the future – they just work really well.

Tasting: Fuggles Belgian Pale


Fuggles Belgian Pale  2.7% ABV

I brewed the Fuggles Belgian Pale (updated post here) about a month ago and after a poor start with the San Fran Lager yeast and adding in the Belgian yeast this beer turned out to be pretty decent.  The addition of the saaz/fuggle dryhop and cracked black pepper dry spice give it an extra dimension that I think it really needed.

The Tasting

Smells: Earthy estery with a touch of citrus and black pepper.

Looks:  Nice orange color with amazing lacing – perfect for an everyday Belgian style ale.  I love this grain bill.

Taste: Dry and earthy with a touch of spice is the best I can come up with here.  Really complex flavors that finishes with a nice hop bite from the super galenas. Body is on par for a Belgian Pale.

Overall: Really complex beer that is getting better with age – it almost hinges on the Saison territory with the hopiness and spice character both from the hops, yeast and spicing.  A beer this small with this much flavor is exactly what I’m looking for.  I’d like to switch up the Hop profile on this and possibly hit with the French Saison yeast in the future.


Brewday: Citrusy Table Bier


Citrusy Table Bier                                              

SG 1.028    FG 1.012

6 lbs, 8oz Belgian Pale Malt
1 lb Caramel Vienne
10 oz Pale Wheat
6 oz Cara Aroma
3 oz Chocolate Wheat
1oz Black Malt

.75oz Super Galena 60 minutes
.75oz Cascade 60 minutes
1oz Goldings 30 minutes
1oz Cascade 10 minutes
3oz Belma (whole) 5 minutes

1tsp Corriander Crushed 10 minutes

1oz Summit & Cascade Dryhopped

yeast: safale33

This was the final beer of the poor crush recipes that I got from an online shop that I won’t be buying from in the near future. I’m trying to work on a nice citrusy everyday drinker for the table – I’d like to keep it a nice amber red color so I was messing around with the addition of a small amount of black malt (although I think this one will be a little more on the amber/brown side).  I’m excited for this one – will be dry hopping with Summit and Cascade in the keg.

Brewday: Irish Porter


Irish Porter                                             

SG of 1.038     FG of 1.010

7 lbs Pale Malt
10oz Crystal 65
10oz Chocolate Malt
4oz Black Malt
8oz Wheat Malt

2 oz Fuggle 60 minutes
1.5oz Goldings 60 minutes
1 oz Golding 15 minutes

yeast: safale 04

Overnight Mash to try to get a little sour note to make this a little more historic. This recipe is actually based on a Scottish recipe for porter from an old real ale book I purchased from England. The overnight mash seemed to boost my efficiency for this one a little but depending on how it finishes out it may mae the 3% mark – if not no big deal. Looking forward to this one alot. Brewed for St Patricks Day.

Update on the Fuggles Micro IPA – Now Fuggles Belgian Pale

So I brewed this beer a few weeks ago right before a cold spell here in New England that included a Blizzard and some really cold nights.  For whatever reason my San Fran Lager yeast crapped the bed and never got started on this beer.  I waited about three days and took a gravity reading and nothing was moving so I moved on.  The only yeast I had on hand was the Safbrew T58 which is more of a Belgian ale yeast – that was fine as it worked well with the hop setup I had and malt bill.

I just kegged it today with Fuggles & Saaz Dry Hop, I’m also dry spicing it with about 1 tbsp of cracked black pepper.

The sample I tasted was really nice and it finished out at 1.010.

Sometimes situations like this can create some mazing beers- I’ll update soon when it carbonates and mellows out a bit.