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Tasting: Fuggles Belgian Pale


Fuggles Belgian Pale  2.7% ABV

I brewed the Fuggles Belgian Pale (updated post here) about a month ago and after a poor start with the San Fran Lager yeast and adding in the Belgian yeast this beer turned out to be pretty decent.  The addition of the saaz/fuggle dryhop and cracked black pepper dry spice give it an extra dimension that I think it really needed.

The Tasting

Smells: Earthy estery with a touch of citrus and black pepper.

Looks:  Nice orange color with amazing lacing – perfect for an everyday Belgian style ale.  I love this grain bill.

Taste: Dry and earthy with a touch of spice is the best I can come up with here.  Really complex flavors that finishes with a nice hop bite from the super galenas. Body is on par for a Belgian Pale.

Overall: Really complex beer that is getting better with age – it almost hinges on the Saison territory with the hopiness and spice character both from the hops, yeast and spicing.  A beer this small with this much flavor is exactly what I’m looking for.  I’d like to switch up the Hop profile on this and possibly hit with the French Saison yeast in the future.


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