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Tasting: Irish Porter


Irish Porter  3.7% ABV

I brewed the Irish Porter a few months ago and wanted to have it on tap for St Paddy’s and it was a hit at our little gathering.  I’ve been loving this beer ever since it was tapped.

The Tasting

Smells: Coffe, chocolate with a little bit of roast.

Looks:  Black as night but with a nice Ruby Hue when held up to the light

Taste: Maltiness with a little bit of roast and a nice chocolate finish.  

Overall: Loving this beer and may make it my go to for a dark ale on tap in the future.  Very sessionable, not super heavy and really balanced.  Nice one to have on tap right now as spring is hitting.  I think I’m going to be leaning towards making some more balanced historic ales in this range in the future – they just work really well.

One thought on “Tasting: Irish Porter

  1. Anon

    Hey, just discovered your blog, and I have to say that it’s refreshing to see people looking into truly great session brews. I see that you’ve taken a bit of a break, but if you happen to come back to the blog, do you think you could add mouthfeel to your review setup? It’s always one of my bigger fears with session ales, and it’d be useful to know what you think of the body.

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